The Avon: Hotel and Bar

The road to Silverton from both north and south takes you along the scenic Million Dollar Highway. The million dollar views are punctuated by jagged peaks and steep alpine terrain.

The Avon is a historic hotel, live music venue, bar and cafe in charming Silverton, CO. Built in 1904, renovated in the 70s, and updated/restored in 2017. Stylish and inviting, The Avon was a renowned place to stay in southern Colorado from the late 70s to the early 90s and is now back to prominence...


Daniel Clute


Restoring The Avon is the brainchild of Daniel who fell in love with the San Juan Mountains and Silverton through annual winter ski trips. When he noticed the "For Sale" sign hanging on the aging brick building the seed was planted. Dan saw the potential for a thriving establishment in the aging shell of the historic property and has worked diligently to make this a reality.


Seth Anderson

Co-owner | Rock Climber | Adventurer | Photographer

As the behind scene driver of social media and website content for The Avon; Seth leverages his experience and the camera glued to his hands to broadcast the beauty of our home here in the San Juan Mountains. He spent the early years of his professional life working in hospitality before moving over to the technology field. In early 2016 he joined The Avon team to help build the business plan and dream up the vision that we've built.