Running the Hardrock 100

Or maybe just come to watch and support the incredible competitors who take on the hardest ultra marathon.

The Avon and the Hardrock 100 race have a storied past. It has been a gathering place for the Hardrock Tribe since before we ever came in to the picture and we are honored to be a part of the community moving forward.

The Hardrock is a 100 mile ultra marathon through some of the toughest terrain imaginable. It was designed to be the most difficult 100 mile race in existence and when it was first held in 1992 there were serious questions whether it was even doable. That year just 18 runners completed the circuit that starts and ends in Silverton traveling through the neighboring mining towns of Lake City, Telluride and Ouray.

The course covers 66,100 feet of elevation change passing over the summit of Handies Peak at 14,058’ at an average elevation of of over 11,000’, This is a grueling high alpine race— the air is thin and many years there is still snow along the course during the July event.

The current course record is 22 hours and 41 minutes by Killian Jornet in 2014.

For most runners it’s a battle of attrition to finish within the 48-hour cutoff time; the average finishing time is just over 41 hours. -Brian Metzler, Trail Runner Magazine

Entrance to the Hardrock is by lottery and only by those who qualify. The race is limited to about 150 competitors and the lottery sees over 2000 registrants per year.

Whether you are running or supporting please stop in to The Avon and say hello. We look forward to welcoming the Hardrock Tribe each year.

The hardrock miners of Colorado experienced adversity on another level through the hardships they faced in the San Juan Mountains. When the mines closed and the jobs dried up the town of Silverton was in search of a new identity. The Hardrock Hundred Endurance Run epitomizes the community aspect of mountain running perhaps due to the grueling nature of the course and the adversity the runners face. The mentality of everyone vs. the mountain exists especially at Hardrock. Friends and runners gather to challenge themselves each July and a town is reborn. A production by Matt Trappe Photo & Film In association with Louder than 11 Edited by Matt Trappe Louder than 11 Additional Editing by Jess Carfield Score by Fizzix Productions Post Produced by Louder than 11 Produced and Directed by Matt Trappe Film made possible with support from Ultimate Direction, Hoka One One, Clif Bar, Feetures! and Competitor Magazine.